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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Awesome Radio is reborn! We’re back to playing good music, having witty banter, and all of this made possible by my new co-host, Bryce! I put up his least flattering photo, and then a picture of me on an average Tuesday. Enjoy!

- Greg

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Here’s our first ever segment of Talk Nerdy to Me! In it, we review The Avengers.
It was terrific…but audacity whacked out on me, so Jon and I had to do it again, and frankly, it’s not nearly as good.  But don’t worry, we’ll get the gang together again soon!

Also, look for an album review of Port Morrow, a new weekly article by Josh about sports, and our first ever interview with independant artist/comic book creator Stephan Lapin. 

Pre-gaming with Matt: COD Black Ops 2 trailer review


                        So, who here thinks the new Call of Duty game is going to be totally innovative and restart the series in a bold new direction, offering whole new features that’ll revolutionize the Call of Duty franchise, if not the first-person shooter genre?… No one? I didn’t think so. 

                         Let’s face the facts, the last time Call Of Duty made a huge change to their game format was what, COD4? Since then, they’ve been riding on the coat tails of it’s success and I can honestly say that I don’t think Treyarch’s Black Ops 2 is going to be much different.  After seeing the trailer to the newest game in the series, my opinion remains unchanged.  

Here is the link for those of you who haven’t seen it.

The game reminds me a lot of, well, the other Call of Duty games.  It’s sad that Treyarch, a company that could have changed the tired and cliché formats of the games and created a new and fun experience, decided instead to just rehash the same old crap that all Call of Duty games go by. I don’t hold them completely responsible; in fact I’m sure there are people out there who would have cried and complained if the game had been changed at all.  Not only that, but from a business standpoint, they have a money making formula, so there’s always pressure put on them to keep with what they’ve been doing for garunteed success, instead of come up with something new and untested (I.E. anything creative and outside the box).  
Anyway, I should move on to the trailer itself.  So it opens up in a nursing home apparently called “the vault”, where Black Ops 1 protagonist Frank Woods is ranting about them crazy kids and their computer machines.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I would never send my grandfather, a Vietnam War veteran, to a place called “the vault”.  That just sounds dangerous.  And isn’t Frank Woods dead? Didn’t he explode along with that crazy Russian in the first game? (Plot inconsistencies, gotta love ‘em!)  So we find out that it’s  the year 2025, and America is in a state of distress because some crazies in an unnamed Middle Eastern country got their hands on ALL OF THE ROBOTS IN THE US! That’s right, all those super-secret control codes for all the military’s new robot toys, which include UAV’s, flying machine gun drones, and walkers straight out of Star Wars, fell into the hands of a rag tag group of extremists.  Glad to know that our nations most precious military secrets can be hacked by people who still use Windows ‘95.  The trailer then proceeds to show a bunch of robots, soldiers, and other things taken straight out of the semi-deranged mind of Michael Bay, and synced to Frank Woods’ ranting about how he knew the robots would turn on them and how people will always need crazy secret black ops agents just in case the president gets a little tipsy and decides to hand over all the control codes for all the nations unmanned military forces.

                My first problem with this trailer is that it doesn’t show much about the plot at all.  Sure, it reveals that we’re under attack and there are robots, but that’s it!  We don’t know how all this happened, why we have all these AT-ST rip offs walking around? More importantly, who we are fighting? The robots? Extremists? Russians? Russians aiding the Extremists? Extremist robots from Russia? (dibs on the movie title).  I don’t understand my motivation to fight , and it doesn’t make me want to buy the game.

                Secondly, we can’t see any changes to the Call of Duty format. None. This game is shaping up to be just what I said; it’s the same old tired first-person shooter with a fresh coat of paint, and focused almost entirely on multiplayer.  Expect a poorly set up story that only vaguely explains why Team A is against Team B in the online multiplayer mode.  In other words, it’s shaping up to be your average Call of Duty experience.

                So in conclusion, this brief preview into the future of Call of Duty left me feeling a little downtrodden.  It’s just going to be another Call of Duty.  By now, Zombies has been confirmed, which for many gamers will be the games saving grace and the only reason to consider buying this game.  But really, what does that change? Nothing actually, considering Zombies has been a staple of Treyarch COD’s since World at War.  It all looks the same, and that’s my problem.  Give me something new that’ll make me say, “Gee whiz, that looks promising!” (even though neither I, nor anyone else in the world, says “gee whiz”).   This trailer was a disappointment to me, and I really hope it doesn’t say everything about the game.  If they can prove me wrong by changing things up and delivering a fresh new experience to a tired genre, great.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve went along with everything they’ve done since the beginning, and I’ve enjoyed the series as a whole.  Unfortunately, it’s become too repetitive, and considering the outrageously high price for video games as it is, I have no motivation to buy this game unless I’m getting a new Call of Duty game.
- Matt


             Here’s what you can expect later on tonight. 

a. Our first in a series of movie reviews for The Avengers.
b. Josh and I will be reviewing a couple of new albums (Bloom by Beach House, and Port of Morrow by The Shins).
c. Possibly some cartoons?

- Greg

And so it begins…

                                                 This is it people.
                                          The moment you waited for.
Today is Saturday (aka the official launch of Awesome Radio: Days of Summer). 
Well, it’s technically Saturday, but it’s only just after 12, which means it’s time for this guy to get some sleep.  Come back later for real updates, and not me geeking about how great I think I am.

- Greg

     PS- It’s also the one year anniversary of the day the show was concieved! We’re officially one year old (but everyone tells us we could act like we’re 6 or 7).

(there is really no cake, this is a picture I found on Google. You might even say that the cake is a lie.)

   No, there isn’t really cake; it’s just a picture I found on Google. You might even say that the cake is a lie. #nerdjokes #whydontihaveagirlfriend

PPS - next person I hear to say “yolo” gets punched. No exceptions.

I can’t tell you how pumped I am, and how many great things we have coming your way for this summer!

   First of all, I made a new YouTube account for the show (for video content we’ll be coming out with), and I’m looking into other social media sites.  The tumblr isn’t going anywhere, and will probably be our “go to
" site for all Awesome Radio information, but I am going to start splitting the workload with Kerry.  He’s excelent at tweeting, stumbling, tumbling, and other things that end in -umbling.  

  Secondly, expect us to do a lot more for you fans out there.  If you haven’t heard of Steam Powered Giraffe, watch the video of them that I posted at the top of this (provided you didn’t already), and prepare to have your ears made sweet sweet love to.  These guys are excelent, and I’m finding out about more people that like them on and off campus, so I made the effort to get in contact with them before they become too famous.  Be sure to check back in a few days, and tell your friends about them!

- Greg

forgot to add Matt! dhurr hurr hurr- Greg

forgot to add Matt! dhurr hurr hurr
- Greg